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COMPETITION UPDATE - NOVEMBER 7TH - Technique Tumbling and Cheer Prep

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Things are looking pretty good currently regarding Covid, the competition schedule and Varsity events at this point.

Unfortunately, we have just learned that our original ship date for our competitive apparel from Varsity has been moved from October 15th to the 29th. They still are not guaranteeing this (but assure us they are trying their best)… With our first competition the next weekend (Nov 7th), we are holding our breath currently.

We feel it would be in everyone’s best interest to pull out of the November 7th competition and have our season opening competition be the Dells for Youth 1 through Senior 5 and America’s Best in Indy be the first comp for our Tiny’s and Mini’s the following weekend. We are very sorry for this change but want to stay ahead of things instead of trying to wait until the last minute before making a decision. We will replace this competition with another 1 day competition later in the season (we will have this date/location by early next week).

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.