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ANNOUNCEMENTS From October - Technique Tumbling and Cheer Prep

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·        We will be starting a new Butterbraid fundraiser, Sunday, October 17th!
  I have had a couple requests for a butterbraid fundraiser with the holidays approaching as these are great for family get togethers.  Forms will go home with all athletes so that if you are interested in participating, you may do so.  Extra order forms will be at the front desk of each gym or you can always request one from me via email.  Athlete profit is $6.00 per Buttterbraid.   This fundraiser will run today through Sunday, November 7th and product can be picked up the evening of Wednesday, November 17th (time TBD)

·        There is the potential of us running a Wreath Fundraiser.  Owen Nursery is finalizing their information and once they get that to me, I will make a decision on that if it looks like it will be a go. 

·        Regarding Tanner’s Apple Cider Donuts, they marked the wholesale price up to $9.00 this year meaning we would have to sell them for $14-$15 per dozen to make it worthwhile.  Seems like a pretty high price point, but if anyone is interested, I would need someone that would be willing to run to Tanners sometime mid-November to pick them up, and then organize the pick up at one of the gyms.  Please let me know if this is something you would like to do.

Extra Fees currently coming due are Youth 1, Youth 2 and Youth 3 Myrtle Beach Extra fees and Senior 5 Choreography & Music  *I have had several requests to split these into 2 payments, and I am happy to do that, so they will be due October 20th and November 15thPrevious statements said October 15th, but my computer was acting up this past week and had to be in the shop, which is why this reminder is coming to you late.  I apologize for that.  I will get updated statements out by email Monday. 

Reminder about upcoming Holiday Breaks

Holiday Schedule for the upcoming Season.  These are days that there will be no practice, so mark your calendars!

Wednesday, November 24th – Sunday, November 28th  Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 23rd – Monday, December 27th  Christmas Break

Modified Workouts All Teams  Tues., December 28th & Wed., December 29th   Times TBD

Thursday, December 30th – Sunday, January 2nd  New Year’s Break

Wednesday, March 23rd – Monday, March 28th No practices while our Youth teams are in Myrtle Beach

Sunday, April 17th  Easter