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Skill Clinic - Technique Tumbling and Cheer Prep

Skill Clinics


This weekly clinic is perfect for athletes of any skill level who wish to achieve a flip-flop (back-handspring) or simply want to perfect a recently learned flip-flop. Learning the correct technique is critical, as the back-handspring is one of the foundational skills in becoming an advanced tumbler and cheerleader. Many cheer programs also require a flip-flop to make the squad. During the hour, our staff will break down the skill into basic parts and movements involved in the back-handspring using drills and stations.

Technique Normal:

Saturdays 12:00  – 1:00 pm
$20/child, Ages 6-18 yrs

Back Tuck

The staff at Technique is excited to offer a special weekly clinic designed to help athletes master both the standing back tuck and round-off or round-off-back handspring-back tuck.  The back tuck is an advanced level skill that is very valuable and sought after in junior high and high school cheer as well as in the upper levels of All-Star cheer.  Our staff will break the skill down into understandable, achievable stations and drills, as well as spend time developing leg strength and explosive jumping and rebounding techniques.  You don’t want to miss this weekly extra opportunity to super-charge your back tuck! Requirement: Participants must have round-off back-handspring to enroll.

Technique Normal: TBA

Round-Off & Back-Handspring Excellence

The end goal for the round-off and back-handspring are to generate POWER for BIG back tucks, layouts, full twists, and beyond!  This clinic is for athletes that have unassisted standing back-handspring and round-off back -handspring (and above).  The goal is speed, power and perfecting the round-off and back-handspring (up to multiple) through a variety of drills and stations that will allow athletes to focus on smaller details associated with these skills.   Cleaner, faster, and more powerful round-offs and back-handsprings translate into SIMPLE back tucks and bigger layouts and full twists.  There is also the added benefit of looking cleaner in front of the judges.  This clinic will benefit even the most advanced tumblers!

Technique Normal: TBA

Limbering & Walkover

Technique Tumbling and Cheer Prep is now offering a weekly clinic for those tumblers wanting extra work on their back bend kickovers, back walkovers, front limbers and front walkovers. These skills are the last major foundational skills to master prior to moving into our Junior Advanced Tumbling Classes. During the hour, our staff will break down these skills into fun and progressive drills and stations designed to increase your child’s understanding and ability in both front and back limbering skills. Don’t miss this weekly opportunity to break down all of the limbering and walkover skills and supplement their weekly class work!

Technique Normal:

Saturdays 12:00 – 1:00 pm
$20/child, Ages 6-18 yrs

Tumbling for Dance

Attention Dancers! Technique is now offering a weekly headspring, floor kip, and aerial cartwheel clinic. These core tumbling for dance skills will be broken down into basic parts and movements during the hour through the use of drills and stations. Additional skills can be worked on as well based on participant requests.

Technique Normal:

Saturdays 12:00 – 1:00 pm  
$20/child, Ages 6-18 yrs

Strength & Flexibility for Cheer

These weekly clinics focus on strength and conditioning exercises to help with all aspects of cheerleading.  Designed for flyers, bases and back spots alike, clinics will help athletes understand and improve their flexibility and strength along with proper body position and alignment.  These 1-hour clinics are offered twice a week and your athlete can attend at their convenience. $10.00 per visit ($7.00/visit with purchase of Punch Card).  Dancers are welcome as well!

Technique Normal: TBA

Aerial Cartwheel

This exciting no-handed cartwheel is a favorite of tumblers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, and dancers! This clinic will emphasize the most productive and efficient drills and techniques for developing the Aerial Cartwheel (also goes by side aerial/no-handed cartwheel)!  Requirement: Participants should have mastery of a smooth, straight-legged cartwheel starting and finishing in a lunge.

Technique Normal:  TBA