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Class Info - Technique Tumbling and Cheer Prep

Class Information

School-Age Tumbling

Tumble 1&2: 5 – 7 yrs and 7 yrs & up

Beginner tumbling focusing on rolls, handstands, bridge work and mastering cartwheels.  Perfect basics make for faster development! Tumble tramps & trampoline will be utilized as well as the tumbling floor.

Tumble 2&3: Girls 7 yrs & up

Front and back limbering/kickover skills along with round-off development are the main focus, as well as introducing back-handspring progressions. Child must have staff approval or test out of Tumble 1.

Jr. Advanced Tumbling: Girls 7 yrs – 11 yrs

Focus is on the back handspring, round-off back handspring, & front handsprings. Child must have mastered back walkover & front limber or have staff approval.

Jr. Advanced Tumbling 2: Girls 7 yrs – 11 yrs

Focus is on round-off 2 back handspring and beyond. Progressions for aerial skills (front tuck, back tuck as well as aerial cartwheels) will also be introduced. Child must have mastered standing back handspring, round-off back handspring, or have staff approval.

Advanced Tumbling: Boys & Girls All Ages

Working towards multiple back-handsprings, aerial skills (tuck backs, whip backs, layouts, twisting, etc.…), and front to back tumbling connections. Child must have staff approval or test out of Jr. Advanced or Cheerleading Tumbling.


Cheerleading Tumbling: 10 yrs & up

Basic tumbling skills used in cheerleading will be taught, focusing on eventually learning a back-handspring and round-off – back-handspring. This is a developmental tumbling class – those girls who can already perform a back handspring or a round-off – back handspring should enroll in our Advanced Tumbling Class.

Cheer Tech

Focus on improving current jump and stunting technique, as well as learning newer and bigger skills.  There will be an additional focus on the athlete’s strength and flexibility, along with some take home suggestions in these areas.

Flexibility & Conditioning Classes

Focus is on flexibility for jumps and stunting and conditioning specific to cheer and tumbling to make you the best athlete you can be! Athletes will be given exercises to take home to improve their strength and flexibility. Offered at different times during the year – call or stop by the front desk for availability.

Tumbling Clinics for Cheer Squads

Clinics can be scheduled for weekend times or late evenings and can meet weekly or can be done as a longer clinic during one meeting time. Contact us today if you are interested in setting up a cheer squad clinic.

Mighty Mites

Ages 5 yrs – 8 yrs

A little bit of tumbling, a little bit of cheer, a whole lot of fun! Mighty Mites will benefit your child’s growth and development through improved strength, flexibility, coordination, teamwork, and focus. If your child decides that cheering might be something they’d like to participate in down the road, this class gives them a jump start on the skills and technique needed to succeed!

Boys Programs

Boys: 6 yrs & older tumbling development

From ages 6 and up, we will be teaching tumbling to boys in a progressive format. Focus will be on developing strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Our goal is to develop well-rounded athletes so that the benefits of tumbling will carry over to their other sports as well.

Tumbling for Dance

Focus on walkovers, aerial cartwheels, aerial front-walkovers, back-handpsrings, front-headsprings, and floor kips. Other skills can be included based on each dancer’s need.