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Why do we still do forward and backward rolls?

Any gym worth its salt will include basics and progressions in their program and continue to espouse the benefits of basics, progression and patience throughout the levels whether it be Gymnastics, T&T or Cheer.  If you are a part of a program that seems to...

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Consistent Progress in Tumbling, Cheer and Gymnastics

I was asked by someone the other day, “how long will it take for my child to learn her back handspring”?  It is a very common and reasonable question, (just insert whatever skill you want at the end of the sentence).  The best answer we can give as coaches is that...

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Why Tumbling & Trampoline, Cheerleading and Gymnastics?

I’ve been asked over the years many times by parents, “Why should my child participate in Tumbling & Trampoline, Cheerleading and Gymnastics?”  One of the biggest benefits would be that even though these can all be team sports, athletes in these sports...

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